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The Tech Farm

​In June of 2019 Growing Healthy People began transforming an underused 2,100 square foot greenhouse at the Lake County High School Tech Campus in Grayslake Illinois. With grant funding and partnerships, Growing Healthy People created a state-of-the-art soilless Tech Farm. At this space, GHP provides tours, does teaching, works with interns, provides field trips for garden clubs and classes, grows seedlings for a plant sale, grows food/herbs for the Culinary Arts Program and for the community.


Hydroponics and Aeroponics

With their closed loop systems these methods use 90% less water, can grow more in less

space, can grow indoors and year round, use less energy.



Aquaponics creates a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. The waste from the

fish provides the nutrients for the plants through a nitrification process with bacteria.



Have a group that would like to see the greenhouse and the 'ponics in actions? Or, maybe you just want to see for yourself? Contact Cheryl at

847-609-3228 to make arrangements.


Producing results

We grow produce and herbs for the Culinary Arts program at the Lake County HS Tech Campus and give instruction to their students on the growing systems and the importance of using the most nutrient rich and flavorful ingredients in the food they prepare.

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